To get started expand categories by clicking the + button or category heading. Expand
Click on a property type to add it to your distribution. If you can't find the one you're looking for, every category has an 'Other' option. Add other
Once you've added an asset you can use the default description or add your own, then enter the marital value next to the dollar sign, or add a tax-offset up/down percentage. Description value widgets gross
Slide the red/blue sider button right to create a blue asset for the husband.
Slide the red/blue sider button left to create a red asset for the wife.
Add a goal
The default goal is 50:50 and you can change the percentage goal for your distribution by clicking the 'Add a Goal' link.

Right-click on the red/blue slider button that will be divided to achieve the goal. Generally this is the largest asset. DivorceTools will automatically divide the asset to achieve the goal.
Add a goal
Be sure to save your progress! Click on the 'Demo Distribution' label to rename it.

If you'd like, you can share your distribution and allow someone else to view and/or edit it.

Once you're done click the 'Report' button to generate a PDF Summary Report for your distribution. The Summary report shows the value of the assets before and after division.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at!
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Use this estimator to find the balance of an account as of any date,
given two statements. We suggest using statements within 2 years
of the target date for accurate results.

First Statement

Second Statement

Estimate Balance as of

Click on the categories below to expand, then the + buttons to add property.
Use the slider or input boxes to modify the distribution. More..


Add a Goal